CNN's Searching for Italy - When Stanley Tucci came to visit Quintosapore

Anthony Lee - Jan 01 2020

We were so proud to be featured in Stanley Tucci's show Searching for Italy. In the episode we explained all about our vision for the farm and cooked the perfect vegetarian feast for Stanley with Pici and our Aglione Sauce the star dish of our lunch!

CNN Travel said:

"And instead of ending with dessert, we are ending with vegetables. But these vegetables are taking center stage. The twins have been experimenting with cross-pollinating long-forgotten varieties to create supercharged new vegetables.Their goal is to show vegetables can be just as showstopping as the proteins on the dinner table.They had a rustic open-air-feast, and Tucci tried one of their specialties: eggplant caviar. It’s roasted eggplant, with garlic, olive oil, salt and tarragon.An outdoor feast with raw  ingredients– a perfect wrap on a visit to rural and grounded Umbria."

The BBC said:

"Stanley Tucci visits Umbria, nicknamed the green heart of Italy. While this small, predominantly rural region lives in the shadow of its more glamorous neighbour, Tuscany, Umbria has an ancient history that predates even the Romans.  From wild boar hunts to incredible black truffle farms, Tucci explores the riches this land has to offer whilst also questioning whether old traditions and centuries of religious orthodoxy are preventing younger generations from breaking through."

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You can find the full episode of Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy, Series 2 - Episode 3, Umbria, on BBC Iplayer or Youtube.

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